TOEFL Preparation Course (Advanced)

Description: 4 week TOEFL preparation course, focussed on speaking and writing. Supported with exercises on google classroom. Course can be extended if needed.

Cost: 4.000 pesos per hour.

Times: 19.30-20.30 , Mondays and Wednesdays.

Class Size: Minimum of 3, Maximum of 5.

Start date: Monday June 1.

Teacher: Paul Kearney, CELTA-qualified teacher with many years experience in teaching exam preparation. For more information, click here.

Requirements: Intermediate to Upper level of English. This is for people trying to reach 90+ in their TOEFL exam.


11st JuneReading
23rd JuneSpeaking
38th JuneWriting
410th JuneSpeaking
515th JuneWriting
617th JuneListening
722nd JuneSpeaking
825th JuneWriting

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