Lesson Plan: Accents

Lesson Plan: Accents

Discussion: How important do you think it is to speak with a good accent? In your native language? In your second language?

  1. Why do you think some people have an accent? What are the aspects of language that they do differently?

Watch the following video to find out.

What are the answers to the following questions?

  1. What is the difference between «p» in English and in French?
  2. Why do English commentators say «Embappé»?
  3. What is the difference between the stress patterns of French and English?
  4. What aspect of language do French and Cantonese share?

Complete these sentences with the following words:

for example, because, if, the reason, , ever, even, how,

  • Have you ______________ found yourself speaking English with a weird hybrid accent when you go abroad?
  • ______________ a Spaniard might tell you that he is from eh-Spain is because sp is just not possible at the beginning of Spanish words
  • It’s ______________ in English starting a word with an m and a b next to each other is just not done.
  • ______________ , all French words are stressed on the final syllable, usually with a higher pitch and greater volume
  • This is ______________ you could distinguish Italian from English being spoken through a wall ______________ if you can’t make out any individual words or sounds.
  • ______________ pronunciation stress and rhythm were better taught you might not find yourself speaking like this

Practice the stress in these sentences.

Discussion: What do you think are the biggest differences between English and your native language? Do you think you have any difficulties with English pronunciation? Are there any accents in English you like better than others?

Part 2: Keeping accents

Why might people like to keep their accents?

Watch this video. What does the writer like about her mother’s accent?

Discussion: Does your mother or father have a particular accent? What connotations do their accents have for you?

Part 3: Reading

Lead-in: Why do you think some people want to change their accents?


Discussion: Have you ever tried to change the way you speak? Why?/Why not?

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