What would you say are the important events for 2022? For the world, your country, yourself?

Watch this video. Were any of them mentioned?

What were these events?

The James Webb telescope; 8 billion humans alive; The inflation reduction Act; Russian invasion of Ukraine; Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Lawsuit; Protests in Iran.

  • The world will pass an important milestone
  • The blockbuster legal saga
  • A military operation is now underway
  • Amini’s death has sparked outrage
  • The largest US commitment ever to fighting climate change
  • Every image is a new discovery


Use these words to complete the sentences: on, suspended, still, flirtation, scrutiny, ride, been

  • After weeks of ________________ and fighting, the new couple has officially done the deed.
  • Russia has now ___________________ all gas supplies to Germany.
  • It’s been the most incredible _______________ and journey I’ve ever been on.
  • The gulf state’s ___________________ under intense ____________________ over the treatment of migrant workers.
  • We are ____________a highway to climate hell, with our foot ____________________ on the accelerator.

Part 2: Your country

What do you think people cared about in your country?

Look at the google trends for your country in 2022. Do you agree?


Part 3: Personal year:

What were the things that were important for your year?

Read this article. How were the people’s years in Minnesota?

Minnesotans look back at 2022, and share their hopes for the new year



MINNEAPOLIS — More than 100 customers waited outside Keefer Court Bakery in Minneapolis Saturday, hoping to commemorate the long-time staple on its final day. It was a moment, also, to commemorate the year that was on its final day also.

«I think this year, we did a lot of coming together,» said Dave Whitmer of St. Paul. «There’s a lot more community this year than there has been in 2020 and 2021.»

Others in line reflected a similar sentiment.

«I’ve started to be able to see people again, things have gotten better,» said Mari Sevig of Bloomington.

The «together» feeling was at the heart of the core memories of those in line- many who say the Minnesota Vikings success on the field has brought the city together in an incredible way.

«We can see the Vikings from [where we live],» said Sheila Moar of Minneapolis. «It’s fun to see people congregating downtown again.»

«I was at the game, the big game against the Colts with my husband,» said Clara Wu of Bloomington. «That was a very memorable moment»

Others had personal moments topping their 2022 memories.

«Our first grandkid, hopefully not our last,» said Mike Olson of Minneapolis.

«I started graduate school this last year, so that was really exciting,» said Alicia Ogard of Minneapolis.

When it came to the hope for 2023 – many say their hope is for the feeling of togetherness to grow stronger throughout the Twin Cities.

«Learning to lean into community and learning to love others [is what I want to see],» Ogard said. «Just showing up for others essentially.»

«I’d like to see a lot more people out and about,» said Alex Vicente of Lakeville. «I feel like a lot of people have been locked away, closed in, isolated. I’d like to see a lot of people downtown again.»

«I’m interested in seeing more unity just within the whole city,» said Olivia Kemp of Minneapolis.


Find a person who:

  • Enjoyed sport
  • Thinks that people came together more
  • Achieved personal success
  • Had a new arrival to the family
  • Is hopeful for the next year

Discussion: Do you have any hopes or expectations for 2023?

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