Conversations with Mum

Conversations with Mum

What do you talk to your Mum or Dad/ Son or Daughter about?

Politics                  Family gossip                      Health                 Love life               Movies                Books     

TV Series             Exercise                               Children              Grandchildren   Cooking               Weather

  • Watch this video. Why are they having the meetings? What are the topics of conversation?
  • Detailed questions
  • How often will they have these talks?
  • What does Shanthi think Romesh should do with his mouth?
  • What is the difference between a journal and a diary?
  • What does Shanthi want God to do to people who upset her?
  • What does Shanthi say about Romesh’s appearance? How does he respond?

Watch again and find out.

  •  Discussion: What are the personalities of Romesh and Shanthi in this video?

Extroverted       Shy         Serious                Funny                   Ironic                    Angry                   Bubbly 

Worried               Silly        Analytical            Affectionate      Bossy                    Caring                   Annoyed

  • Responses

Match the statements with their responses:

So, you’re writing a list of people in your journal for God to deal with?Yeah sure. That’s what I’m so grateful for.
There’s some grey bits you need to cover.No chance. Not at all.
Someone says “I’ll meet you for coffee next time. So, you open the diary.”Are you? Your face doesn’t say that.
I’m very excited about talking to you every day.I’m OK. I’m still working.
How are you?Oh, I see. That makes sense.
We’re going to be talking every day during lockdown, aren’t we?Every day.
So, you’re going to be doing that every day?Yes, absolutely right.
Is it horrible?No, I know, I know what it is.
Do you think there’s a possibility we’ll run out of things to say to each other?Horri-it’s a weird thing to say.

Analysis: Which answers mean “Yes”? Which mean “No”? Which add an additional comment?

Practice: What answers could you give to the following

  • How have you been?
  • Do you like the good weather?
  • I’m really excited about my new job.
  • It seems like you don’t really like to exercise.
  • Will you continue learning guitar?

Intonation: How can you transmit irony/sarcasm? Listen to how Romesh /Shanthi do it and try to copy the intonation.

  • So, you’re going to be doing that every day?
  • I’m very excited about talking to you every day.
  • You can make it better. That’s it. That’s better. That’s better. What a difference it makes.
  • But then God says, “don’t kill this prick. I’ll sort it out”.
  • You’re getting the right words from it.

Practice: Create a personality with the following categories:



Pastimes (hobbies)


Talk to your classmates, and find out what are the characteristics/pastimes of their personalities.

Part 2: What sort of problems do you think might happen between Romesh’s wife and his mother? What problems have you noticed can happen between a wife and mother-in-law?

Watch this video and find out.

How do you think Romesh can respond?

Watch this video and find out.

Do you think he’s said enough? What does he need to do to resolve the situation?

Watch this from 10:23-11:58

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