Lesson Plan: My Unsung hero

Lesson Plan: My Unsung hero

Lead-in: What do you think the concept «unsung hero» might mean? Look it up in Brainy Quotes. https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/unsung-quotes Does that give you a better idea of what it means? Who do you think could be an unsung hero in your community/ family?

Reading: Why do you think a nurse might be an unsung hero?

Read this article and find out:

Unsung Hero: Vienna High School Nurse is nominated for national award

VIENNA, IL (WSIL) — A Vienna High School nurse is a nominee for the national LifeChanger of the Year Award in this edition of Unsung Hero.

In a video submission shot by local photography company Kingdom Beats, Superintendent Joshua Stafford, Principal John Giffin, and students share __________________ testimony of why Nurse Sherie Smith was nominated.

Smith has been a nurse for about 24 years. She’s been the Vienna High School Nurse for about six years. It’s a role she says she loves but _________________________ the pandemic brought about new challenges. Vienna is one of the first schools in Illinois to implement the «Test to Stay» program.

«Out of everyone here at the high school, she is probably the one that _________________________ kept us in school,» said Principal Giffin in the Kingdom Beats video.

Even though Smith was reluctant to test students for COVID, she was ________________ to if it meant her students could stay in school.

«So one of the most powerful things about that is because I had started back in May. We had already networked two ways that we were already ready to start testing, and in the midst of that, we picked up a third-place that we’ve used all three testing measures to be able to keep students back in school,» said Sherie.

Smith also teaches the CNA program at the high school, so she wanted to make ___________________ not just her students but all the high school students could succeed during the pandemic.

«I knew without a doubt that the time that I was spending was not necessarily for me, but it was for the 300 plus students that we have here at Vienna High School. They mean so much to me, and I want to see each one of them _____________________,» said Smith in the Kingdom Beats video.


Are the following true or false?

  • Smith doesn’t currently work at the school
  • Vienna High School changed their procedures for the pandemic.
  • Smith was most responsible for the school continuing in person through the pandemic
  • Smith was excited about testing students for Covid
  • She is mostly motivated by the students


Complete the text with the following words:

  • single-handedly, sure, successful, heartfelt, admits, willing

Discussion: Who has been your biggest help to get you through the pandemic? In your personal or professional life?

Part 2: Listening: Read the description: What do you think might happen in the situation? Listen to the episode and find out.

Description: «Justin’s tire has blown out, and he’s sitting on the side of a freeway, hoping someone will help. Right around the time he’s about to give up, a van pulls over.»

Put these events in order according to the story.

  • Justin’s car broke down
  • They washed their hands
  • Justin tried to give them money
  • The family gave him a tamale.
  • They cut a piece of log
  • The family arrived


In 2011 Justin was driving down a highway in Portland, Oregonthat the jack was going to be too small.
It was pretty obvious from the get-gobeen here for an hour, it’s the least I could do»
I thought, «you drove around, you’veit just shows you that anyone can be vulnerable in a given situation.
It was when I walked away that when his tyre blew out.
My money was in the tamale. They had their little girl called out.
At the end of the day,unwrapped the tamale, put the money in and wrapped it back up.


Match four verbs from the table with their label and description.

  • simple past
  • present perfect
  • past progressive
  • past perfect
  1. an action occurring over a time in the past up to now
  2. an event that occurred before another event
  3. an unfinished event in the past (context to another event)
  4. a finished event in the past

Presentation: Who is an unsung hero in your life? Prepare a short talk with the questions below as a guide, and the above expressions in bold.

  • The full name of your Unsung Hero, if you know it.
  • A description of the person. What are some of their defining characteristics? What do they look like, talk like? Paint us a picture of them.
  • A particular moment or event that prompted you to make this person your Unsung Hero. Tell us as much about that event as you can remember — what the scene was like, and what emotions you felt.
  • Did you have a chance to thank them?
  • If they were standing in front of you right now, what would you say?
  • How does this person continue to impact you and your life?

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