Christmas Lesson

Christmas Lesson

What was the best present you’ve ever been given?

Have you ever had a present that has had any negative effects? Could you imagine some?

Look at this photo: Why do you think she is dressed like this:

Listen to this an find out:

Details – Do you remember the answers to these questions? Listen again to find out, if needed

  1. Why did she want a guinea pig?
  2. What do they have in Mexico instead of Santa?
  3. What reaction did she have to the guinea pig?
  4. Why does Lisa say, “the three Kings tested me”?
  5. What did Pirueca do to look after her pet?


Use these words to complete the sentences: crazy, except, hostage, actually, blotches

  • So a guinea pig was, I think, something she felt she could __________ask for.
  • But honestly, I don’t ever remember her talking about anything else ________________the guinea pig.
  • They were big red__________, the size of silver dollars.
  • It looks like she’s taken the guinea pig ______________or something.
  • Linda does not even like pets, isn’t ___________ about having animals in the house.

Discussion: What’s the best present you’ve ever given or received? How did it affect your life/ the life of someone else?

Part 2: What are the Christmas traditions that are important for you and your family?

Look at the description of this audio. What do you think Luc and Andre might find strange?

Listen and find out. What are the different rituals in this American Christmas? Why were the boys amazed?

Discussion: Why do you think Christmas can be a magical time for some people?

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