Lesson Plan: Chilean Election

Lesson Plan: Chilean Election

Lead-in: Why have people voted for each of the two main candidates? What are their main strengths/weaknesses? What are the relevant trends/events in Chilean politics?

Part 1: Listen to this audio. Did they mention any of the things you talked about?

Do you know the answer to these questions? Listen again and find out.

  1. Why is this result suprising in terms of the Chilean context?
  2. What did Kast’s supporters say?
  3. Why is this particular to Chile?
  4. Why is this globally relevant?
  5. How is Kast different to Bolsonaro?


Match the two halves of the sentence:

He wound upUnited States here.
These two go towhat it should be.
The country’s figuring outwith 28%
He believes Chile’s lefta run-off in a month’s time
I hear echoes of theto vote for a moderate rightist.
Wressler would have preferredhas become too radical over the last few years.

Part 2: Read this article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/22/jose-antonio-kast-chile-right-wing-presidential-election

What does it say about Boric? Kast? Provoste? Parisi?


Find a word that matches the following definitions:

  • j______________________ (adj): happy, excited, joyful.
  • c______________________(v): reversed, confused, contradicted
  • b_____________________ (adj): shocking, invigorating
  • m_____________________(v): making fun of, teasing, joking about.
  • b________________________ (n): weight, influence, relevance

Part 3: Political trends


What have been the different political trends in recent Chilean history? How do you think this election relates to these trends?

  1. What happened with the protests and the convention?
  2. How is Kast different from the other candidates in this election?
  3. What is he like as a campaigner?
  4. What vision does Boric have for Chile?
  5. What has happened to the political center recently?
  6. What would a Boric or Kast presidency mean for the constitutional convention?
  7. What does Ana think Chile can expect in the future?


There have been massive advances a political act.
If Kast wins in the second round,in the coming months.
That might be deemedhe will probably clash with the protestors.
If Kast were to win,offers the stability the country needs.
It seems clear to me that neither Kast nor Boricfor average Chileans
We can expect to see more instabilityyou would probably see a backlash on the streets

Part 4: Why do you think Parisi received so many votes? Who do you think his voters will vote for in the second round?


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