Lesson Plan: 32 hour week

Lesson Plan: 32 hour week

Do you think the working week should be reduced to 32 hours? Why? Why not? What could the benefits/disadvantages be for employees/employers/ the society in general?

Watch this video, and find some answers to those questions.

Discussion: Do you think that could happen in your workplace?


  • What prompted the CEO to start the 32 hour week
  • What does treehouse do?
  • Why does Andrew like the 32 hour week?
  • What did the CFO think when the 32 hour week was proposed? How did he change his mind?
  • Why does Ryan think that people don’t implement a week like this? Why does he think that’s wrong?


Complete the sentences with these words: truth, came up, anymore, about, came home, handful

  • I think it really _____________ when I had kids.
  • We ___________________ with the idea of the 32-hour work week when I was sitting on the couch with my wife.
  • Henry is a ___________________ ; he’s need a lot more attention.
  • I’m not a sceptic ___________________.
  • The ______________ is a lot of CEOs are workaholics
  • I think this is __________________ having a balanced total life

Discussion: Do you think this could work in your company?

Part 2: Reading

In groups of four, each person chooses one of these articles.

Summarise the argument, by answering the following questions

  • What does the writer propose?
  • Why reasons does he give?
  • What effects will the proposal have?
  • What do you think about the proposal?

Politician proposes the 4-day week

4-day week is a bad idea:

Best to squeeze 40-hour week into 4 days:

Research study in Iceland

Explain the argument to your group. Which do you find more convincing?

Part 3: Bonus

How do you think the 40 hour week was achieved? Listen to this and find out:

What events led up to the 40 hour week? What does the historian think will happen in the future?

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