Lesson Plan: Chilean Politics

Lesson Plan: Chilean Politics

Chilean Politics

What do you know about the Sebastian Piñera and the Pandora papers?

Listen to the audio and find out.

Are the following true or false?

  • The opposition is in power in the lower and upper chambers of congress.
  • Piñera’s two terms have been dominated by external events.
  • The sale of Dominga took place in the Virgin islands.
  • People were surprised that this scandal was discovered.
  • There is a chance the president is imprisoned.


The Chilean opposition isovershadowed by the earthquake.  
The chances of him gettinghe could end up in 5 years in jail.  
His first term waswhen it came to the president of Chile?
When the protests slowedlaunching impeachment proceedings.  
What have they foundimpeached are not very big.  
If found guilty,down a bit, the pandemic kicked in.  

Chilean Politics

Look at the graphs and photos from the article. What story are they telling about Chile?

Choose a section of the article:

  • One evening in August, Gabriel Boric sat outdoors on a bench, listening and taking notes. (Current situation in Chile)
  • Chile Is Outpacing Major Economies (Chilean Economy)
  • With almost 660 million inhabitants and several dozen ­countries, Latin America can’t be easily categorized. (Latin America)
  • Boric grew up in Patagonia at Chile’s southern tip, a rugged windswept area of sheep farming and glaciers. (the Chilean election)

Read it and take notes. Compare your section with your classmates.


rattleacademic, looks like he reads a lot of books
epithetadore, respect greatly
hurldisturb, worry (verb)
revereinsult (noun)

Discussion: What picture does this article paint of Chile? Do you think it is reasonable?

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