Lesson Plan: the Olympics

Lesson Plan: the Olympics

What do you think are the most important things about the Tokyo Olympics? Are you enjoying them? Why/ why not?

Watch this video: What did you find out about them?

Answer the following questions.

  • What new sports are being debuted in these Olympic games?
  • What is the age of the youngest skateboarder in the Olympics? the oldest?
  • Why is it special for karate to be new in the Olympics?
  • What were the Coronavirus measures put into place?
  • What difference will not having spectatators make?
  • What do the Japanese population think about the games?
  • What are some interesting athletes to watch?


Match the following sentences:

For a while there, it didn’t look like they were even gonna happen,70 pages of rules about testing, mask wearing and travel logistics.
I want to show them that it doesn’t matter you can’t really hear much anyway.
There’s a whole playbook of do’s and don’ts for athletes – but now it’s game on.
At the end of the day when you’re racingmore recent polls show that number is down to around 30 percent.
Back in May, a poll showed that 83 percent of people wanted the games canceled or postponed, although these are looking like the most expensive olympics in history.
If you count up all the money spent on venues, sponsorship and partnership deals, media, advertising and at the extra cost of postponing the games.about your size your age, you can do anything.

Discussion: Do you think the games should go ahead? Do you think the Olympic games are important?

2. What could be some costs and benefits to hosting the Olympic games for a city?

Watch this video. Were any of your ideas included?:

What do the following numbers mean:

12 billion dollars, decades, 15 billion dollars, 150 million dollars, fewer visitors, 6 billion,

  • Cost of first Tokyo bid
  • Cost of Tokyo Olympics
  • Average cost of Olympic games in the 2007-2016
  • Time taken for Montreal to pay off its debt
  • Revene from advertising in recent summer games
  • What happened in London on the year of the Olympics?

What are some ways cities can make money from the games? How can they lose money? What are some non-monetary reasons for hosting the games?


Complete these sentences with these words: toll, reportedly, blamed, point out, worth, maintained

  • Is hosting the olympics and paralympics really ____________- it all?
  • It’s _________________ set to be the most costly summer games ever, though past events didn’t come cheap
  • In greece the cost of the 2004 olympics in athens has been _____________________ for contributing to the country’s later economic crisis.
  • Rio de Janeiro’s olympic park hosts events like music festivals and esports tournaments but parts of it have been criticized for being poorly ________________________.
  • This can take a heavy______________ on the environment and critics__________________ the construction of new olympic sites every few years is not environmentally sustainable

Reading: read this article: https://theconversation.com/hosting-the-olympics-cash-cow-or-money-pit-7403

Discussion: Do you think cities should continue to host the games?

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