Lesson Plan: Constitutional Assembly

Lesson Plan: Constitutional Assembly

Lead-in: What have you thought about the convention so far? What have been its strengths and weaknesses? Highlights?

What does the convention mean to different people in the Chilean society? Watch this video to see if they are mentioned.

Match the quotes/actions with the people who say them: Carlos Trombèn, small elite of men, Graciela Diaz, Axel Kaiser, the Chicago boys

  • I dream of a country with a dignified pension
  • Thinks the central bank and property rights will be weakened
  • Invented the Chilean economic system
  • Chile will move to a more modern form of capitalism
  • Wrote past constitutions


Use these connectors to complete the sentences: yet, rather than, but, like, even though

  • 66 year old Graciela Diaz leaves her middle-class apartment building to go to work, __________________ she’s retired.
  • __________________ the majority of Chileans, she blames her plight on a neo-liberal economic system
  • For years Chile’s extreme free market model was applauded __________________ today many describe it as savage capitalism
  • They want more strict environmental rules and for communities to have priority over water rights __________________the agricultural sector
  • Heated debates lie ahead, __________________ there’s little doubt even amongst its supporters that a new page will be turned on Chile’s Pinochet era model 

2. The Assembly president:

Who was elected the assembly president? What is significant about this? Watch this video. Did it repeat any of you opinions?

  1. Why is Chile creating a new constitution?
  2. What is Elisa Loncon’s profession?
  3. What did Elisa Loncon call for?
  4. What are the opponents of the constitution calling for?
  5. What professions are represented in the assembly?
  6. What happened during the national anthem?


match the tense with the sentence: present progressive x 2, simple past passive, past perfect, future will, present perfect

  • Chile’s national assembly select an indigenous woman to preside over the drafting of a new constitution. 
  • They hope that a new text will afford them new cultural political and social rights.
  • Many see this current constitution as a constitution that block progress in the country. 
  • She elect by a vast majority of the 155 members. 
  • So once there is a new constitution there is another referendum. .
  • While they sing the national anthem there were clashes between protesters and thepolice.

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