Mes: julio 2021

Lesson Plan: the Olympics

What do you think are the most important things about the Tokyo Olympics? Are you enjoying them? Why/ why not? Watch this video: What did you find out about them? Answer the following questions. What new sports are being debuted in these Olympic games? What is the age of the youngest skateboarder in the Olympics?…
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Lesson Plan: Constitutional Assembly

Lead-in: What have you thought about the convention so far? What have been its strengths and weaknesses? Highlights? What does the convention mean to different people in the Chilean society? Watch this video to see if they are mentioned. Match the quotes/actions with the people who say them: Carlos Trombèn, small elite of men, Graciela…
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Lesson Plan: Chile Vs. Brazil

Lead in: What were the highlights and lowlights of the Brazil-Chile match? Watch this video. Were they the same as those you discussed? Match these actions with the players: Flicks this one over the top for Vargas  From the edge of the box, it’s a good ball in and it’s a good chance, clipped to…
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