Lesson Plan: Chile votes for the constitutional assembly

Lesson Plan: Chile votes for the constitutional assembly

  1. Why did Chile hold the vote for the constitutional assembly? What were the rules for the election? Watch this video and find out:

Are these true or false?

  • People thought Chile was a fairly stable country
  • The government always wanted to create a new constitution
  • Chile’s current constitution was written in 1985
  • Chile’s economic model has benefitted everyone equally
  • Patricio Fernandez wants the state to guarantee certain things
  • Some people think the election will benefit political parties.

Language (Match the following halves of the sentences)

A social uprising exploded in the convention will be held.
The revolt forced the Chilean government by the former military dictatorship.
This is wherewhat was thought to be Latin America’s most stable democracy.
It was written in 1982is carried out by large economic groups
The vast majority of Chileans believeto give Chileans the right to draft the constitution
The basis of power today it must be changed

What verbs from the above are in the passive voice? What tense are they in?

Discussion: What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this process?

2. What were the results of this election? Watch this video and find out:

What is the answer to the following questions?

  • What happened to the conservative coalition in the election?
  • What did the President say about the result?
  • What was Benjamin surprised by?
  • How does Benjamin interpret the results in terms of the main political parties?
  • What do the independent candidates stand for?
  • What topics will be on the agenda in the assembly?


Complete these sentences with these words:

framework, looks, about, important, being

  • The South American country Chile is ____________________to get a new constitution.
  • The vote is _________________ called Chile’s most important election since its return to democracy 31 years ago.
  • On the outside this ___________________like Chileans have decided for a clear break with the past.
  • It’s _____________________ to remember that this assembly, of the 155 members, will have gender parity.
  • The people in chile know that the constitution itself of course will not solve all the problems so it will set a _________________________for the next 40-50 years 

Discussion: What do you think of the assembly constituents? Do you think they will be able to create a good constitution?

3. What does this process say about Chilean democracy? About the future of Chilean democracy? Watch this video and find out what Jorge Heine think?

What does Jorge Heine say about the following topics?

  • The percentage of people voting
  • 200 years of history
  • Dramatic changes to the left
  • The current constitution
  • the polarisation in Chilean society


  • have needed / We would / a 30 percent additional/ today/ voting of the electorate/
  • Chile has never / of history / had an / elected constitutional / assembly/ In its 200 years
  • date/ its due/ It is way / past
  • the past few years / The other / Chile in / extremely polarized/ problem is that / has become
  • The hope / of consensus./ elected members / of the constitutional assembly/ to move towards/ will reach an / some sort/is that these/ agreement

Discussion: To what extent do you agree with this analysis?

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