Lesson Plan: Timelapse with Google Earth

Lesson Plan: Timelapse with Google Earth

  1. How do you think the place you live and your country have changed since 1984?
  1. Watch this video. How has the world changed over this time?

What is the video and words trying to say?


Complete the following test with these words:

ever, own, enduring, spinning, way, determine

There’s a place in our universe, a marble ___________________ in a vacuum… It contains life. It contains us. It may look solid and ______________________, but now we can see it differently, across time, living… And breathing. Across time we can see that we, all of us, are changing this place faster than _____________________ before. We can see the impact of the _________________we live… Of the choices we make… And see their consequences. There’s a place in our universe. How we decide to treat it today will ____________________________ our future. What will you think, what will you do when you see our world changing before your __________________________ eyes?

Look at your city in google images timelapse: How has it changed? https://earthengine.google.com/timelapse/ What do you think are some of the reasons for that change?

  1. Reading. What do you think we can find out about the world from google timelapse? Read this articles and find out:


Are the following true or false?

  • Google timelapse just shows negative impacts of humanity
  • Brandt generally works on projects for the public.
  • Brandt thinks the best way to reduce our carbon is to change our transport habits
  • By 2030 Google aims to only use sustainable energy to power the company
  • Brandt wants politicians to also use the tool


  • our fragile planet / /have returned /renewed passion / Many astronauts / home with a /for protecting
  • warms / Watch how / as the planet / in Greenland / has melted / sea ice/
  • similar power / We think / as having a / to educate / about Timelapse
  • just 37 years/ the planet / We’ve impacted/ so much in
  • impact at scale/ It was / to drive / a huge opportunity

Discussion: Explore google timelapse. What other changes can you find? Do you think humanity will be able to make enough changes in time?

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