Mes: mayo 2021

Lesson Plan: Chile votes for the constitutional assembly

Why did Chile hold the vote for the constitutional assembly? What were the rules for the election? Watch this video and find out: Are these true or false? People thought Chile was a fairly stable country The government always wanted to create a new constitution Chile’s current constitution was written in 1985 Chile’s economic model…
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Lesson Plan: Timelapse with Google Earth

How do you think the place you live and your country have changed since 1984? Watch this video. How has the world changed over this time? What is the video and words trying to say? Language Complete the following test with these words: ever, own, enduring, spinning, way, determine There’s a place in our universe,…
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Lesson: Talking with native speakers

Lead-in: Who are the different people you speak English with? Native speakers / non-native speakers? People from different countries? Who are more difficult to communicate with? Who are easier? Look at the picture on the main article. Do you recognise it? What Bible story is it from? What are the quotes on the side? What…
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