Mes: abril 2021

Lesson Plan: The remote working revolution

Lead-in: How has your work setup been for the past year and a half? What have the pros and cons of that arrangement been? Do you think it will continue into the future? What things do companies have to be careful about when offering remote work? (Watch 0-5.10) Are the following true or false? Most…
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Lesson Plan: Covid-19 and the world

0.00-1.35 Introduction 1.35-3.49 South Korea 3.49-6.26 Mexico 6.26-11.29 Government Response 11.29-15.30 Health Systems 15.30- 16.30 Political Leadership 16.30-19.43 US economy 19.43-22.13 Indian economy 22.13-25.05 Economy in general 25.05-27.37 Poorer economies 27.97-31.07 Economic recovery 31.07-34.19 Vaccines in Israel 34.19-37.25 Vaccines in Nairobi 37.25-46.18 Vaccines in general 46.18-50.56 Global Co-operation 50.56-56.04 Shaping the world