Lesson Plan: Among Us

Lesson Plan: Among Us

Lead-in: What do you know about the game Among Us? What is the aim? What are the sub-tasks?

Watch this video: How do you win «Among Us»? How do you lose?

Fill in the following sentences with words from the video:

  • There are two ______________________ in among us.
  • This is played muted, until a ________________________ is called
  • Once the humans complete all their ___________________, they win!
  • At the end of the voting period, the player with the most votes is _____________________
  • They can also periodically ____________________ the ship.
  • On some maps there are ____________ that can help you see other parts of the map.

Discussion: What do you think a good player needs to do well? Come up with tips for both humans and imposters.

Playing Among us:

What do you think would be hard about the game?

Watch 0.00 – 3.31. What problems does AOC have?

Are the following true or false

  • AOC wanted to be an imposter
  • AOC killed the first person by accident
  • AOC didn’t want to kill Poki
  • The other game player was working on the lights
  • Ilhan doesn’t vote for AOC because they are friends


Put these sentences from the 2 discussions in order:

  • So, AOC has found the body
  • It’s a double kill, so it’s people who have played more than once.
  • All I’m accounting for is Hassan, dude.
  • He was in electrical. I think that’s where it was.
  • Well, well well. Ain’t that a shame
  • I don’t know where that is
  • I’m running around cam with Poki, with AOC. We’re chilling, having a great time. Poi and AOC go into cams, AOC goes up behind Poki, slits her throat.
  • Wait. How can she be there if she doesn’t know what the room is?
  • I was doing the alignment and engine
  • Woah, woah, woah. Wait, wait wait. Who was the third person there? And what task were you doing?

Discussion: Is there anything AOC did well? badly? in that game?

Game 2 Watch 3:31-5:53. Who is the impostor? How does AOC know?


Put these sentences in order:

  • I think it’s Ilhan, because the doors were locked
  • I think it was Ilhan. The way she was like, «Where were you?»
  • Uh-uh!
  • I’m voting Ilhan but I don’t know
  • No, I think it’s Alex. You locked all the doors then opened one of them

Game 3 Watch 5:53-7.25. What mistakes did AOC make?


Match the sentence halves

It’s going to be let anyone come.
Please don’twith guilt
My voting patternsamateur hour up in here.
I’m wrackedfrom the very slow pace of murders
You could tellare very suspicious.


What sentences from the three games can you use:

  • to accuse someone
  • to interrupt
  • To give a reason for your opinion.

Play «Among us«

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