Lesson Plan: Zoom Fatigue

Lesson Plan: Zoom Fatigue

How have you found working and learning over zoom? Interesting, frustrating? Do you have techniques to help you deal with the experience of video meetings?

Watch this video. What are the difficulties people have with zoom, and some solutions? Do you agree?

Who said the following things? Match the people with the quotes

Marinelle Carino, David Ramirez, Pauline Russo Cutter, Stanford study

  • Meditates
  • Works more than before
  • Thinks we need to go outside
  • Recommends we reduce our own picture
  • Wears Blue-blocker glasses
  • Needs to build rapport with clients
  • Works with the homeless.


use the following to complete these sentences:

in person, that, jumping, why, would love, kind of,

  • Would you say________________you experience zoom fatigue?
  • It’s been __________________ challenging
  • You’re constantly in front of the computer, __________________ from one meeting to the next
  • That’s quite frankly _____________ I work at the food bank on Tuesdays.
  • We _____________________ to get back to the office as soon as we can
  • Or let’s all get back to work_____________________.


Do these solutions sound useful to you?


Read the title and subheading. What tips do you think the author will give?

How to avoid ‘Zoom fatigue’ during the Covid pandemic

Constantly being confronted with an image of yourself while video conferencing can be exhausting, says expert

Read the article at this link. Were you right?


Find the right word from the article that fits these sentences:

  • The current status quo is actually quite ________________ in psychological terms.
  • Studies have shown that observing our own face impacts us in a _________________ way.
  • If you see a person close-up, you feel that you will son encounter _______________ or fighting.
  • Zoom is now ________________________ and the company is worth a lot of money.
  • People are increasingly asking for a surgical ____________________ on their eyes and neck.


Does this surprise you? Have you felt these effects? Do you thing people are experiencing the same things in your country?

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