Lesson Plan: Vaccines in Chile

Lesson Plan: Vaccines in Chile

Lead-in: How has Chile gone in the vaccines? What are difficulties of supplying vaccines to a country?

Watch this video: What are the good things that Chile is doing?

Watch the video again. Are the following true or false?

  • Chile has converted many different places into vaccine clinics
  • Nicaragua hasn’t received any vaccines yet
  • The president is eligible for the vaccine because he is a politician
  • The vaccine schedule is adhered to very strictly.
  • Chile wants to vaccinate 100% of its citizens in the first half of 2021.


Chile is 5 million people by the end of March
This woman described the processlike making an early start on getting the vaccines have made the difference.
The country of nearly 19 million had rolling out some impressive numbers.
Key decisionsthat is being followed to the letter
Chilean authorities came up with a vaccine schedulealready given 1 million vaccines by February 9th.
The goal is vaccinatingas fantastic and very well organised.

Of the above sentences, which are the present perfect, past perfect and present progressive? Why are those tenses used?

Discussion: Do you think Chile will make it’s goals? Will this make a difference politically? What about in your country?

Part 2: Reading

What do you think these titles refer to, in terms of Chile’s vaccine success?

  • Economic manoeuvring
  • Picking many winners
  • Trial data for doses

Reading this article quickly, and find out:


Read it again, and answer the following questions.

  • What makes Chile different from other countries in Latin America and the OECD countries?
  • what has been happening in Chile since 2019?
  • What argument did the president make to pharmaceutical companies?
  • What vaccine strategy did Chile follow that was different to European strategies?
  • How did Chilean universities help?
  • How did the health system help?


Match the expressions with their meanings:

to painta problem
a sticking pointto increase
to booststrict
stringentbe successful
paid offto describe

Discussion: Do you think it will help the president’s approval rating?

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