Lesson Plan: Christmas

Lesson Plan: Christmas

What is Christmas normally like for you?

What do you think Christmas is like for non-Christians? What do you think they do on Christmas day?

Watch these three stories from Norman Swan. A: 0-2.12, B: 2:12- 3.49, C: 3.49-5.23. Match the three stories with the following headings:

  1. Dressing up for the kids
  2. A family secret
  3. Joining in with the rest.

What are the answers to the following questions?

  • What do Jewish people celebrate around Christmas time?
  • What did Norman do at Christmas?
  • Why did he think it was OK?
  • How long has it been since Norman played the flute?
  • What did the Rabbi say about the concert?
  • Why was he working on Christmas?
  • Why did the kids know it was him?


I grew up Jewishwas around Christmas
One of the points where there was tensionwould be excommunicated if the Rabbi found out
The key here wasI discovered we weren’t alone in the Jewish community.
We were told that we in Glasgow
The ultimate irony is that a few years latersecrecy.

Discussion: Did you ever have any secrets around Christmas time? Did someone dress up as Santa? Were songs part of your Christmas?

Part 2: Christmas during a Pandemic. Should the pandemic rules be relaxed to allow people to celebrate Christmas? What would be some arguments for or against this proposition?

Watch this video. What are the arguments mentioned?

Which do you find more convincing?

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