Lesson: Vaccine

Lesson: Vaccine

What do you know about the state of vaccines currently? What are the different vaccines? How do they work? How effective are they? How safe are they?

Do you have any questions about the vaccines? Brainstorm all the questions people have.

Watch this video. What were the questions asked, and the answers to those questions?

Are the following true or false?

  • In Van-Tam’s analogy, the score is 1-1
  • Van-Tam recommends a particular vaccine to his mum.
  • The vaccine protects you from the virus as soon as you are injected
  • The approval body in Britain is independent
  • The vaccine will provide lifelong immunity


Match the questions with the answers:

How would you reassure older citizens that the vaccine is safe for them?It’s in the hands of the regulator, the MHRNA.
How soon after the first dose can you hug your mum?The very important answer is we don’t know yet.
Can you give us any indication about the approval of the Oxford vaccine?Oh. absolutely.
Will the two doses confer lifelong immunity?To tell you plan and staright that I have told my mum to take the vaccine.
They were wanting to know if Father Christmas will be front of the queue for the vaccine.Probably seven to ten days after the second injection.

Are these answers helpful to you? Why Why not? What questions do you still have about the vaccines?

Each student picks an article and reads it: https://www.theguardian.com/society/vaccines. Summarise the article and explain it to your class mates.

Part 2: Opinions.

What fears do you think people have about the vaccines? Do you know anyone you has concerns about them?

Listen to the following podcast from 1:50- 7.30. Did you mention any of the opinions?

Are the following opinions: – strongly in favour, in favour, doubtful, strongly against
  • Fantastic. Really quite amazing what they’ve managed to do in such a short time.
  • I’m hoping this will change everything.
  • I can see an end to it, which I haven’t had before
  • I can’t wait to get it, really.
  • Unless the cabinet takes it, then I think I’m being led up a garden path
  • There’s an element of slight apprehension
  • I don’t really trust the system, so what else can I say?
  • I don’t mind taking it, but I’ll need to do some more research.
  • Nope. not interested at all.
  • I guess it’s good. But why are we the first country to do it?
  • I for one, don’t believe anything [Boris Johnson] says
  • I don’t think it’s been approved properly.

Conversation: Which opinions do you feel closer to? Do you know anyone with these opinions? What do you think can be done to communicate the vaccine better?

Production: Adapt the expressions above to create opinions about other issues, for example: Environment, the economy, climate change, gender relations, place of religion in society. Think f some questions to ask each other on these topics, and then ask for your classmates’ opinions.

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