Mes: diciembre 2020

Lesson plan: 2020

What were the important events of 2020 in your country, and for you? Match these photos with the following captions: Activists resist an attempt by police to detain them while gathering to support opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova, who had been reportedly detained by state security agents, in Minsk on Sept. 8. A fire-response volunteer pours…
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Lesson Plan: Christmas

What is Christmas normally like for you? What do you think Christmas is like for non-Christians? What do you think they do on Christmas day? Watch these three stories from Norman Swan. A: 0-2.12, B: 2:12- 3.49, C: 3.49-5.23. Match the three stories with the following headings: Dressing up for the kids A family secret…
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Lesson: Vaccine

What do you know about the state of vaccines currently? What are the different vaccines? How do they work? How effective are they? How safe are they? Do you have any questions about the vaccines? Brainstorm all the questions people have. Watch this video. What were the questions asked, and the answers to those questions?…
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