Lesson Plan: Country celebrations

Lesson Plan: Country celebrations

What celebrations are there in your country? What about others you have experienced in other countries?

Watch the following video: Which celebrations sound interesting? Which not so much?

Match the things below with these countries:

Chile, Mexico, Australia, Poland, Iran, Nigeria, Brazil

entertainment industry, straw hats, death, controversial national day, waking up with water, sweet alcoholic drink

Combine the following halves of the sentences:

Very very sweet, so that you don’t know that you are actually drinking alcoholto display or showcase what their tribe is all about.
It’s a custom of drenchingpeople with water when you are asleep
We have remembrance day,until it hits you. but it’s delicious.
They have different tribes, and they tend to blow up parliament.
When I was a kid, they would sell these eggs, that instead of having yolk inside they would have confetti.
Guy Fawkes night, celebrating Guy Fawkes’s attemptwhich is a day to commemorate the soldiers who died in World War I.

What is your favourite celebration out of all of the ones you have attended? Take notes about the following aspects:

  • Where and when was it?
  • Who did you go with?
  • What happened?
  • Why do people celebrate it?
  • Is it changing in any way?

Tell your classmates, and ask questions about other people’s experiences.

Part 2: Changing customs

Are any of your country’s celebrations controversial? Why are they controversial?

Watch this story. Why is Australia Day controversial?

Answer these questions:

  • What does the day commomerate?
  • How did it become a national holiday?
  • What does the day mean for Aboriginal people?
  • What protests were held?
  • What has been proposed about the day?
  • What are different opinions about the issue?

Grammar: Put the following in order to make opinion statements:

  • I it reckon be good to would it move idea.
  • I it’s choice good think a
  • It be a day can having everyone equal about rights
  • If move , it it lose of might a bit charm its we
  • We all to unite together and come need


What is a controversial celebration in your country? Create 3 opinions about it, using the expressions above. Discuss with your classmates. Do you think you should keep, modify, or eliminate the celebration?

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