Biden as president elect

Biden as president elect

  1. In your opinion, why did Biden win the presidential election? What was his appeal to the public? What did he do? What did he propose to do as president?

2. Watch this video: What are the answers to these questions?

3. Do politicians in your countries have to make coalitions to gain power? Are they blocked by other houses? How difficult is it to keep these coalitions together? Get laws through the parliament?

4. Are the following statements true or false, according to the video?

  1. Biden made a deal with environmentalists as a candidate
  2. It will be easy for Biden to govern the United States
  3. The American people’s wishes are well represented by their politicians
  4. In general the modern Republican party is losing popularity.
  5. The republican party is much more conservative than other conservative parties around the world.
  6. Trump says that the election was essentially fair.
  7. The elections in Georgia are important for controlling the senate.

5. Link the following sentences

The single most impressive thing he didelections a lot simpler to participate in.
I was looking at data from in 7 out of 10 of the last presidential elections.
It has lost the popular vote A Fox News analysis
If democrats when the senatewere the Biden-Sanders taskforces
We should just make there’s a lot they can actually do

6. Do you think the views of the people in your country are well represented in your political system? Why/ Why not? What could be done to repair this?

B. What effects has the Trump presidency had on your country? Or on the world in general? How do you think the Biden presidency will change this?

  1. Read about one of the countries in this article: How does it say the new president will affect the country? Does this have important implications for your region?

C. Listen to this podcast to find out about Biden’s possible approach to Latin America:

Alteratively, this discussion could be interesting:

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