Lesson Plan: Masks

Lesson Plan: Masks

Lead – in: Do you use a mask when you go out? Have you seen anyone wearing interesting masks?

Match these masks with their descriptions:

  1. Eyeglass company Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is helping to round out your face accessories with its palm leaf printed GLCO Face Mask.
  2. The Rocky Rockmore Flamingo Mask comes in a near neon pink shade and has clean lines that are a perfect fit for anyone looking to stand out in our new normal. 
  3. When your face covering gets in the way of you expressing what’s really on your mind, let the mask do the talking.
  4. Made with athletes in mind, Under Armour’s Sports Mask is designed with water-resistant polyurethane open-cell foam, which lets air flow through while keeping as much moisture and sweat out as possible.
  5. The clear panel on the front allows for visible communication and the ear straps on the tie-behind version comfortably accommodate hearing aids or cochlear implants. 

Discussion: Would you ever wear a mask like this? Would you wear a different mask for a more formal occasion? More casual event? For doing sports?

Lead-in: Your are about to hear someone talk about «the hot new trends for face masks in New York». What do you think she might talk about?

Listen and find out.

Match these types of masks with their descriptions: Off-white, Selfie mask, Possible investment, Burberry, Leaf,

  • mask in plaid
  • mask with the brand name on it
  • a mask with your face printed on it
  • a transparent mask
  • 1.5 million dollar diamond and gold mask


Match the two sides of the sentences.

Now she’s going to show offto see you in it.
The era of conspicuous consumption persiststhe must-have fashion item of 2020.
I think it’s actuallyembrace all these options.
I want to encourage people to even during the plague.
I can’t waitnightmarish

Discussion: Would you wear any of those masks they mentioned? Why / Why not?

Part 3: Why do you think some people refuse to wear masks? Do you know anyone who refuses to wear a mask?

Part 4: Do you think the government communication has been like during the pandemic? What has been done well? What has been done badly?

What was done well or badly in the united states? How does this compare with your own country?

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