Mes: septiembre 2020

Lesson Plan: Oceans

Lead-in: How important is the ocean to you? How do you feel when you go to the ocean? Have you had any important or interesting experiences in the ocean? Part 1: Do this quiz:,5.727533,-15617a,26717122d,35y,0h,9t,0r/data=CisSKRIgOTBlNGFmYzI5NWIxMTFlOGE2MWVhOWQ1MjA3NWI0NGUiBXNwbC0w Part 2: What are some of the more amazing places or animals in the world’s oceans? Watch this video. Does…
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Lesson Plan: Masks

Lead – in: Do you use a mask when you go out? Have you seen anyone wearing interesting masks? Match these masks with their descriptions: Eyeglass company Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is helping to round out your face accessories with its palm leaf printed GLCO Face Mask. The Rocky Rockmore Flamingo Mask comes in…
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