Lesson Plan: animals

Lesson Plan: animals

Lead-in: How important are animals to you? Have you had pets in your life? Have you had any encounters with wild animals?

Part 1: Do this quiz: https://earth.google.com/web/@51.098014,5.727533,-15617a,26717122d,35y,0h,9t,0r/data=CisSKRIgYmI1ZWFhODA3NWNhMTFlYWFhNDU3YjhhNzIxMWMyMmMiBXNwbC0w

How many did you get right?

Part 2: The natural world

What are some of your favourite animals in the world?

Watch this video. Were they included?

Are the following true or false:

  • Animals adapt to their environment.
  • This new video was created for the pandemic.
  • The animals in the video are mostly from North America.
  • 4 composers came together to write the music.
  • The movie is mostly designed to be educational.
  • Nature is it particular danger right now.

Complete the following paragraph with the following words:

adapted, before, freezing, nurture, solace, spectacular, ever, raise, musical

We share our planet with ________________wild animals, which have _______________ to live in the strangest and harshest of environments. Now, more than _____________ , they are an inspiration for us all, and in these extraordinary times there is one thing that can offer ____________ to everyone: the wonder of the natural world. To _____________ our spirits during the pandemic, we brought together composer Han Zimmer and Jacob Shea and top selling artist Dave, to create a visual and ____________ feast. From the hottest deserts to the ____________ poles and from highest mountains to mysterious kingdoms underwater. This is planet earth, a celebration. Never ____________ in the history of humankind has it been more critical to protect and ________________ the natural world, which is after all our home too.


Mark the stresses in the paragraph. Practice narrating the video.

Discussion: To what extent can the natural world be a solace? Is this true for you? What have you found solace in during the pandemic?

Part 3: Talking animals

Watch this video with the sound off. What do you think they might be saying to each other?

Watch again. Were you right?

Redub the video using your own words. You can create your own video using https://www.screencastify.com/

Part 4: Thoughts and feelings of animals

Do you think animals think and feel in the way we do? Why/ why not?

Watch one of these two videos to find out:

5 minute talk

20 minute talk:

Discussion: What do you think animals are thinking and feeling, in your experience?

Part 6:

What was the most beautiful natural place you have been to in your life? Go there on google earth and explain what you did there to your classmates:


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