Lesson Plan: Living with the coronavirus

Lesson Plan: Living with the coronavirus

Lead-in: Now that things are opening up a little, what activities do you feel comfortable doing? Which not?


What do you think are some of the riskiest activities to do in terms of coronavirus? What about the safest?

Watch this video 00.00 – 3.05. How does coronavirus spread? Watch 3.05 – end. What should you take into account when deciding to do different activities?

Are the following true or false?

  • The Guangzhou study shows that we shouldn’t go to restaurants
  • We should try to eliminate risk completely.
  • When we speak we let out droplets of water of different sizes
  • We don’t know how long you need to be exposed to the virus to catch it
  • Air moves the same inside as outside
  • It would be difficult to catch the virus from a passing runner


Match the following two halves of the sentences:

Within a few days,isn’t really possible for all of us.
The story highlightsfar fewer particles reached his shirt when outside.
Maintaining that level of caution all the timeother members of the family started showing symptoms
These droplets areyour risk goes up
Even though it wasn’t windy,something about the virus most of us are just starting to understand
If you’re talking to a friend at close distance,what’s carrying the virus.

Discussion: Does this information relate to your activities? How could you take it into account?

Part 2: Social Awkardness

Discussion: What socially awkard situations exist in the new post-lockdown reality?

Match the following sentences with the pictures:

  • Sir can we put a little space between us?
  • Keep your used mask off the dining table
  • Don’t police other people’s behaviour unless your safety is at risk
  • Your barbeque is great! But I just wanted to bring to your attention that some people are not social distancing. Just wanted to bring that to your attention!
  • Turn your face away. Step over a few feet. Walk in a different direction

Discussion: Do you agree with this advice? Would you add any more pieces of advice?

Listen to this podcast for more details: https://www.npr.org/2020/07/28/896134292/covid-19-etiquette-6-common-conundrums-and-a-printable-pocket-guide

Part 3: Policies to relax lockdown

Discussion: What are some things that governments can do to to reduce the impact of the virus while allowing people to live a more normal life?

Watch this video and found out:

What things could work in your country?

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