Lesson Plan: Music

Lesson Plan: Music

What music do you like to listen to? Do you or have you played an instrument in your life?

Do this quiz to see if you: https://earth.google.com/web/@51.098014,5.727533,-15617a,26717122d,35y,0h,9t,0r/data=CisSKRIgYjNkMDlkNzM3NWNiMTFlYWEyNTc3YjhhNzIxMWMyMmMiBXNwbC0w

Have you ever dated a musician? What do you think are / might be the pros and cons of dating a musician?

Watch 0.00- 0.57. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think you can find out about someone by hearing their music?

Watch 0.57- 3.57 Which 6 would you eliminate?

Watch 3.57-5.10. Do you agree with what she says?

Watch 5.10-7.59. What does songs does she request from them? Do you think these are good questions? Would you have an answer to these questions? Which musicians would you eliminate?

Watch 7.59-8.36. Do you agree with what María says?

Watch 8.36-10.09. What questions does she ask? How would you describe the remaining musicians? Which do you think she will choose?

Watch 10.09-11.30 Were you right? Do you think the couple have much chemistry?


I felt a littleyou would sing in the shower.
You don’t really knowmore talented than me.
I’m going to blowwhat someone’s musical taste will be like.
If you in the future had kids,if I saw him.
Sing something thatwhat would you sing for them
These guys are so muchnervousness in his playing
I wouldn’t pick him out of a groupup in three years.


How important is music to you? Do you think music taste can say something about you? IHow important is music to your relationships?

Video 2

Do you think the dynamic will will change with the genders swapped?

Watch this video and see:

What is the ladies’ music like? What about their personalities?

What is the man’s personality like?

What music do you prefer? Why?

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