Lesson Plan: Law after COVID

Lesson Plan: Law after COVID

  1. How has the legal profession changed during the time of COVID? Have there been any advantages to this? Disadvantages?
  2. Do you think any of these changes will continue after things return to normal?


Read this article: https://nysba.org/the-legal-world-will-never-be-the-same-after-covid-19/ Are the things she’s describing similar or different to your experience?

Who or what does the following things:

  • finding it difficult to start a career
  • Thinks life won’t go quickly back to normal
  • have applied for unemployment insurance
  • hear arguments by teleconference
  • Thinks clients should be able to access their documents form home.

Answer the following questions.

  • How has the crisis affected law firms?
  • What has the government support been like?
  • What are the two routes to a law license in New York?
  • What legal work will there be in the future?


Find a word in the text that means the folowing:

  • a job or profession that someone does for a long time
  • the act of ending the employment of a worker or group of workers
  • A lawyer who argues in a court
  •  meeting or session at which evidence and arguments about a crime, complaint, etc., are presented to a person or group
  • a legal document in which a person states who should receive his or her possessions after he or she dies
  • Legal work done free of charge to the client


Listen to this audio: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08hg5q1 What does Lady Hale think should change in the courts?

List the following subjects in the order you hear them:

  • trust
  • face coverings
  • Jury dynamics
  • giving evidence
  • Grandness of the courts
  • Importance of speaking

Listen again. What has changed during this COVID time? What are the advantages and disadvantage s of this?


Match the two halves of the sentence:

It has taught us some valuable lessonstaken in writing or remotely
Routine case management decisions can bea conspiracy of the lawyers against the laity.
There is a gravitas attachedinto a little community.
That feels more like a case conferenceabout what is and is not important.
Trials should not be experienced asto a courtroom hearing.
A good jury turnsthan a judicial process.


Are any of these concepts relevant in your own legal community?

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