Lesson Plan: The coronavirus in Latin America

Lesson Plan: The coronavirus in Latin America

How is the Coronavirus being dealt with in Latin America? What have been the successes? The failures? Why do you think this might be?

Listen to the podcast «Coronavirus and Latin America: 0.26- 10.03. What can international organisations do, if anything to stop the Brazilian president?



use the following words to complete the sentences:

curb, cope, alarming, slow down, spiralling, key issue, keep

  1. Argentina can ____________ rather better with the situation.
  2. What can Latin America do to ____________ the pandemic?
  3. What can any institution do to ____________ Bolsonaro’s practices?
  4. There is a sense that Brazil is ____________ out of control
  5. Plus, cause an ____________ number of deaths.
  6. We ____________advising Brazil to continue with the measures.
  7. The ____________ is consistency with the messages.

Discussion: How how international bodies interacted with national governments? What about federal with state/regional authorities? What has some good examples of coordination been? Some bad?

2. Listen to 10.03-21.22 How have different countries balanced people’s health and the country’s economies?

Language: Match the halves of these sentences:

We have experiencedthis year
If a country decides to openin the world
Latin America is the most urbanised areawithout lockdown
The Amazon basinit should do it in phases
We do not know what would have happeneda lot of job loss
This will get worsethis year.

Discussion: What do you think has been the best way to deal with saving the economy?

3. Listen to 21.22 – 24.03. How can goverments ensure people’s mental health, especially children?

Language: use the following prepositions to complete the sentences.

to, on, about, to, from,

  • We are very conscious ______________ the social, mental and health impacts on children.
  • The government this week wants __________ discuss other issues.
  • All eyes are now ________ the federal government.
  • Our guests are joining us ____________ across the Americas.
  • Let’s go straight _________ our next question.

Discussion: What are some ways that the government can support people’s mental health? What can people/families do?

4. Listen to: 23.56- 29.17 What is the relationship betwee corruption and the COVID response in Latin America?

Language: Use these adjectives to complete the sentences

close, deep-rooted, serious, quick, poor

  • Has COVID-19 exposed __________________ corruption in other Latin American countries?
  • We had a scandal around the distribution of food to ____________ communities.
  • This is also a very _______________ issue in federal countries.
  • The imperatives of the crisis have led to very ______________ decision making.
  • Contracts have been allocated to companies with _____________ ties to the government.

5. Listen. 29.20 – 32.02 How much money should the government give out to their population during the pandemic?

Language: Place these phrae in the right gaps:

it is my understanding that, because we a developing country, even though it is very important, which is not the case for Venezuela,

  • For a normal state, _______________________, cash in the hands of the people is important
  • In that regard, ___________________ most agencies cannot come to Venezuela
  • _________________ more than 60% of our jobs are informal.
  • but at the same time, ___________________, we were savinf for fourty years.

Listen to 32.14- 38.15 Do you think Latin American culture changes the way countries deal with the pandemic?

Match the following words to make common collocations

investment intours
work frominstructions

Listen to 38.36 – 50.30 What will the new normal look like? When might it happen?

there are, should, until, what, need, we are having, will,

  • We ___________ not adopt that strategy again.
  • I think we _____________ to change that mode
  • I think that the normal _____________ look the same.
  • I don’t think we’ll safe again ________ there’s a vaccine.
  • ______________ countries who have dealt with the coronavirus in a much better fashion.
  • ____________ the epidemic did was to put this in a greater scale
  • ____________ a very serious political and economic crisis.

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