Lesson Plan: beaches

Lesson Plan: beaches

Do this quiz from google earth. How many do you get right?


What is the beach you’ve enjoyed the most in your life? What activities could you do at that beach? What was the culture of that beach (attitude, feel, interactions)

Watch this video. What is the culture of this beach?

Write true/false for the following sentences:

  • Denilo is the mayor of Porto de Barra
  • Porto de Barra has a lot of junkies
  • Jenipapo is a typical drink in Salvador
  • BaianaSystem’s music crosses genres
  • There are a lot of teenagers in Porto de Barra


Use these words to complete the sentences:

also, any, not only, everywhere, the, ushering,something, alive,

  • It’s not just ___________beach, it’s ___________beach.
  • ___________you look, you’ll find ___________going on.
  • ___________the most scenic, but ___________the most significant.
  • The streets of Pelo are ___________with energy.
  • It’s the youth that are ___________in a new era.

2. How do you think beach culture has changed over time?

Place this facts in historical order:

  • The release of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws promotes a widespread fear of sharks, especially on Martha’s Vineyard, where the movie was filmed; night swimming abruptly stops. 
  • Early VIP sunseekers to Italy’s Amalfi Coast build summer residences in the town of Baiae, on the Bay of Naples, and it soon becomes a spot for imperial indulgence and hedonism.
  • Sun-worshippers bare all as the first nudist resort debuts on Montalivet Beach, on France’s west coast.
  • The first roller coaster in the U.S. is erected on Coney Island, establishing the future home of funnel cakes and hot dog–eating contests.
  • French engineer Louis Réard unveils the modern version of the two-piece swimsuit—30 square inches of fabric connected by a string—at a Paris swimming pool.   
  • Wearing a fitted red swimsuit and a stocking cap, the soon-to-be-famous Jantzen Red Diving Girl introduces the Oregon company’s new figure-hugging wool jersey.
  • Four years after daytime swimming is legalized in Sydney—and it’s no longer immodest to get wet in public—the city records an uptick in drowning deaths. The Bondi Surf Life Bathers’ Life Saving Club forms to combat the problem. 

Check your answers by reading this article: https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/beach-vacations/the-evolution-of-beach-culture

Find a word from the article meaning the following:

  •  relating to or appealing to people who have a lot of money
  • a small increase or rise 
  • the end of something
  • to persuade a person to go somewhere or to do something by offering some pleasure
  • common over a wide area or among many people

What do you think were the arguments for and against bikinis, when they first came out? Watch the video and find out.

Which arguments are pro-bikini, anti–bikini or in the middle?

  • Everybody to their own liking
  • Depends on the figure
  • Doesn’t do justice to a woman’s figure
  • The more sunshine you can get on the body the better
  • It’s just a fashion, there’s nothing wrong with them

What rules does your local beach have? Do you agree or disagree with them?

Read this article: Which beach would you like to go to: https://www.insider.com/best-beaches-in-the-world-travel-experts-2019-12#whitehaven-beach-whitsunday-islands-australia-1

What is your favourite beach? Go there on google earth and explain what you can do there. https://www.google.com/earth/

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