Lesson Plan: Black Lives Matter

Lesson Plan: Black Lives Matter


  1. What do you expect from society? What do you think citizens expect from society? What have you received that others haven’t? What opportunities have others received that you haven’t?
  2. What is the role of police in society? How can they best interact with the communities and societies they serve? Is it acceptable for police (public servants) to use physical violence and restraint against citizens? How can police balance the protection of private property with ensuring all human’s wellbeing?
  3. When you disagree with how your society is organised and run, what can you do about it? Do you think these avenues for expression make a difference?
  4. What do you know about the history and foundation of the USA with regards to race relations? How has the experience of being an African American living in the USA changed over time? What is meant by the terms systemic and institutional racism?


  1. What events led up to the big protests that are happening in the US right now?
  2. Watch the following video 0-5.25. and find out «the first domino». What context does he mention? Do you you know what the «Amy Cooper» video was?
  1. Why is Coronavirus important to the context?
  2. Why does Trevor think the Amy Cooper video was so important? Why was «the curtain pulled back»?
  3. What happened to Amy Cooper’s dog?


Match the two halves of the sentences

A lot of what people don’t seem to realiseto use the power of her whiteness.
By the way I should mention that this is had been pulled back.
This woman blatently knew howis telling.
And that in itself that was a hell of a punishment.
It was like the curtainis how dominos connect.
I’m going to be honest, against the backdrop of the coronavirus.

Discussion: Have there been times in your life/ in the political life of your country where «the curtain has been pulled back»?

2. Watch the video 5.25 – 8.30. What was the George Floyd video? Why was the George Floyd video so bad? What happened afterwards?


Place the following relative pronouns in the right places (one doesn’t need a pronoun):

that, what, that, where, how many, what

  • I don’t know ______________ made the video more painful for people to watch
  • The fact __________ he seemed so calm doing it.
  • Almost knowing _____________ there would be no ramifications.
  • One ray of sunshine was seeing ____________ people instantly condemned _______ they saw.
  • I don’t think _________ I’ve ever seen anything like that.
  • We don’t know _______________the case will go.

Discussion: How have viral videos changed politics in your country? What have made the most impact? How did the authorities react to that? Do people in your country trust the police?

3. Watch the video 8.30 – 12.20. How does he define society? What does he think has happened in this case?


Complete these sentence with the following words:

honoured, vested, uphold, loot, enforce, abiding

  • The contract is only as strong as the people _____________ by it?
  • What _____________interest do they have in maintaining that contract?
  • Why don’t we all _____________?
  • The contract they signed with society is not being _____________.
  • At the hands of someone who should _____________ the law.
  • There is no contract if those in power don’t _____________their end of it.

Discussion: What do you think about the contract your own society? To what extent are people on either side keeping the contract? What are moments where people have been asked in your country to make sacrifices? What are times when people have felt those in authority betrayed their side of the contract? Time when people have broken the contract?

4. Watch 12.20- 16.29 What are the three core principles that Macolm Gladwell talks about? What does he say about protests?


Put the following expressions in order

  • correctly remember I If
  • is say to It safe
  • the sometimes I need remember we thing think to
  • what time of A the lot is say people
  • before this And said I’ve
  • think so what And lot don’t I people realise a of
  • might an think People extreme that phrase but not it’s that’s.

Discussion: How are these principles in your country? What are different ways that protests are done in your country? Are they effective?

5. Watch 16.29 – 18.12 What objections do some people raise? What is Trevor’s response to this?


Correct these sentences:

  • I know are people who’ll says but how come black people don’t care when black people kill?
  • You don’t ask yourself if it’s right or wrong that loot?
  • If you kill a white person, there is a whole lot more justice came your way.
  • Ask you why it got to you so much more.
  • Ask yourself how you’ll feel.

Discussion: Do you think similar things are relevant in your own communities?


What is the message of these cartoons? Do you think they are relevant to your context?

Final Discussion

  • In what ways am I perhaps inadvertently racist in my own actions, view points, or subconscious prejudices?
  • How can I improve myself in these regards, and what can I do to contribute greater racial justice and equality among all citizens in my community?
  • Is it possible to repair past racial injustices? If so, how?»

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