Lesson Plan: Postcards from lockdown

Lesson Plan: Postcards from lockdown

  1. What are some different ways people’s lives have been affected from lockdown?

2. How do you think the lockdown may have affected the following?

  • Animals/pets
  • Music
  • Education
  • Exercise
  • Socialising

Listen to 0.00-7.24 : How are people interacting with animals? What are the different feelings they have?


Match the following pets and places:

2 cats                                   Istanbul, Turkey
Cats, dogs, mouseWales
African Grey parrotsCapetown, SA
Time with native birdsYaounde, Camaroon
GeeseWestern Australia
Bird recordingsRhode Island, USA

Match the halves of the following sentences:

I think what’s helped attack me.
I’m going to introduce you to is to have our two cats, Angus and Minerva
We haven’t had a guest in our house «go back home.»
Every morning these guys four cats, four dogs, one mouse and a husband to keep me fairly busy
They are saying,for weeks.
I’ve gotmy COVID companions

What do the following sayings mean?

  • So I think you have the best of both worlds, the cat that wants to cuddle and the cat that wants to play.
  • My own evening companions are the parrots, so who’s having the last laugh?

What has your experience with animals been over this time?

2. Listen to 7.24- 10.25 How has music helped Adrian?

What do the following phrases refer to:

  • Time flies by
  • It has to have a lot of emotion and power
  • It brought him out of the critical condition
  • I am dying to do that, I cannot wait
  • We get a mixed reaction.

What has music done for you during quarantine?

3. Listen to 10.24- 16.40 Where are they living and teaching? What is difficult/good about these situations?

Complete these sentences using the following words: attempting, extent, coping, lasted, enriching, set, enough, .

  • I’m lucky __________________ to live in a rural place
  • My advice is __________________yourself a schedule.
  • The quarantine __________________ 6 months.
  • It did help us live together peacefully, to some ________________ .
  • How am I _____________________with it right now,
  • Right now I am __________________ to learn Korean.
  • It’s a very ____________________ and pleasant experience.

How has education been for you during this time?

4. Listen to : 16.40- 20.33 How are people doing exercise?

What are the following forms of keeping healthy:

  • y _ _ _
  • J _ _ _ _ _ _ j _ _ _ _
  • W _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • D _ _ _ _ w _ _ _ _
  • C _ _ _ _ y _ _ _ h _ _ _
  • S _ _ _ _ w _ _ _

Which tips do you think are useful?

4. Listen to 20.55- 24.30 How have people kept up their social needs?

background office
hiking call
social hour
home recipes
downtown noise
happy dinner
video Seattle
Ramadan distancing
reception trail
  • «home is where the food is» What is the original saying? Can you adapt it in other ways?

How have you kept social?

5. Watch 24.30 – 29.56. How are people making life better in quarantine?

Match this musical vocabulary with their definitions.

stage to gather together information from different sources
tracka song that is recorded at one time without stopping
collatea raised platform in a theater, auditorium, etc., where the performers stand
takea song on a record, CD, etc.

Complete the following sentences with these prepositions: of, with, to, from, by

  • It’s a break ________________ the nonstop headlines.
  • Music allows people _________ escape.
  • It’s time to make the most ________ it.
  • I’m coping with extended school closure and confinement ___________ reading inspiring poetry
  • If you were born _________ the weakness to fall, you were born _______ the strenth to rise.

How are you coping with this time? Does it provide you with any good opportunities?

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