Lesson plan: What will happen after the coronavirus?

Lesson plan: What will happen after the coronavirus?


  • The personal becomes dangerous.
  • A new kind of patriotism.
  • A decline in polarization.
  • A return to faith in serious experts.
  • Less individualism.
  • Religious worship will look different.
  • New forms of reform.


  • Regulatory barriers to online tools will fall.
  • A healthier digital lifestyle.
  • A boon to virtual reality.


  • The rise of telemedicine.
  • An opening for stronger family care.
  • Government becomes Big Pharma.
  • Science reigns again.


  • Congress can finally go virtual.
  • Big government makes a comeback.
  • Government service regains its cachet.
  • A new civic federalism.
  • The rules we’ve lived by won’t all apply.
  • Revived trust in institutions.
  • Expect a political uprising.


  • Electronic voting goes mainstream.
  • Election Day will become Election Month.
  • Voting by mail will become the norm.

The Global Economy

  • More restraints on mass consumption.
  • Stronger domestic supply chains.
  • The inequality gap will widen.


  • A hunger for diversion.
  • Less communal dining—but maybe more cooking.
  • A revival of parks.
  • A change in our understanding of ‘change.’
  • The tyranny of habit no more.

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