Lesson plan: Hometown tour

Lesson plan: Hometown tour

  1. Where did you grow up? What were the big landmarks? What were the things that were personally important to you ?

2 a) You are about to see a tour of Newfoundland, in Canada. What do you think life might be like there?

2 b) Watch the video 0.00-4.03. What is life like there? Do you think it might be nice to live there?

2 c) What happened at the following places?:

  • Saint Bonds
  • Brother Rice
  • Churchill Square
  • Avalon Mall

How was your life similar or different to Samantha’s?

2d) Now watch the video from 4.03-8.40. What happened at the following places?

  • The university
  • George Street
  • Toyota store
  • Hits FM

How was your life similar or different to Samantha’s?

2 d) Watch again and answer the following questions.

  • What extracurricular activities did she do?
  • What did she do at lunch when she was a teenager?
  • What things have changed since she was a kid?
  • What did she study at university? What did she find difficult?
  • What’s special about George St?
  • What was strange about her first job out of university?
  • What’s the food like at Mary Brown’s?

3 a) Match the following halves of the sentences:

This iswhere the tap water is the best in the world.
Newfoundland hasit was free.
It’s a cityhigh school I went to.
This street, if I am correctto be called Big Bites Pizza.
When I went heredriving into Churchill square.
Here is the actually the house I grew up in.
Now we arehas the most bars per capita in North America.
This used toa special place in my heart.

3 a) Write 3 sentences about the place you grew up in.

4 a) Choose a place in the world that you know well. Think of some things you would like to say about that place to your classmates.

4 b) Go to google maps: http://maps.google.com/ and search for the place you want to explain. Click on the little man at the bottom right to see if google street view or google photos sphere is available. Using the map and these tools, give your tour.

4 a) What do you think the concept of «hometown» might mean to different people?

4 b) Look at the comments on this website. Which is one you really like? Explain it the the rest of the class. https://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/17/whats-special-about-your-hometown/

4 c) Write your own paragraphs about: «What is special about your hometown?»

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