Lesson Plan: Still at home

Lesson Plan: Still at home

  1. Match the lines on the graph with the following words: sweatpants, car, toilet paper, coffee, shaving, alcohol, internet.

What other things have changed in importance for you over this time? Create your own graph with other items. Share them with the class.

2. What do you think social distancing might look like in these countries? UK; Italy, Singapore, Germany, South Korea Spain.

a) Watch 0.00- 1.48. Who are the different speakers, and what are they doing for social distancing?

Change these following verbs to the correct tense:

  • Here in Italy we are not allow to go out
  • Social distancing become a thing in Singapore.
  • I still go outdoors.
  • I work from home for four weeks now.
  • My whole family stay at home.
  • We start our active social distancing in mid-February.
  • I personally (not) go out much.

b) Watch 1.48-3.58 What is the situation in the different countries.

Complete the sentences with the following conjunctions: but, and, unless, if, so, but,

  • There are police and military in the streets to prevent people from going outside ____________ it’s strictly needed.
  • The numbers have been going down __________ we are giving more attention to incoming passengers.
  • Germany was categorized as high-risk ______ a lot of the schools have been closed.
  • _______ the news is good, supermarkets are well-stocked.
  • The situation started at the end of January in Japan, _______ that has been almost two months.
  • It feels a bit extreme_______ if that’s what the doctors are advising, I feel like I should be taking it seriously.

c. Watch 3.58-5.48 How are they feeling?

What are the following feelings?

c _ _ m, w _ _ _ _ _ d, c _ _ _ _ _ _ _d, f _ _ _ _ _ l, a _ _ _ _ _s, r _ _ _ _ _ _ d, g _ _ _ _ _ _ l, s _ _ _ _ d, o _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ g, t _ _ _ e,

d) Watch 5.48- 7.21 How has it affected their lives?

Complete the sentences with the following words: was due to, was also planning, cancelled, no longer, can’t

  • I can _____________ go to the university.
  • I _____________go on a big family holiday.
  • We ___________ a lot of travel trips.
  • I ______________ go to the beach.
  • I ________________to try out for qualification events.

e) Watch 7.21-8.40 What are the different precautions they are taking?

Match the verbs with the nouns

avoidmy face
weara shower
not getthe products
touchhuman contact
disinfectpublic transport

f) Watch 8.40-9.57 What is their life like now?

What activities did they mention related to:


g) Watch 9.57- 11.15 How has their work or school routine changed?

Complete the following sentence with these phrases: a month ago, usually, until a week ago, right now

  • ________________ I was working as an intern.
  • As a journalist, I _____________ meet so many people.
  • Many of them work from home ________________.
  • My university closed ___________________.

h) Watch 11.15- 12.19 Have they learnt any new skills?

Match the halves of the sentences

It helps is to learn Spanish
My aim for this yeardefinitely increased and therefore the cooking skill
I’ve always wanted to me physically to keep in shape and also mentally grounded.
Cooking as an opportunity
I’ve been reading brush up on my Chinese
We should thing of this situationbooks in German

i) Watch 12.19- 13.23 What is the first thing they’ll do when this is over?

What words fit into the following categories:

familyfriendstravelexercisethe outdoors

j) Watch 13.23- 14.35 What messages of support do they have?

Complete the following sentences with these prepositions: in, to, through, of, with

  • It is crucial to take care ______ physical and mental health.
  • Try not _____ panic
  • Spend quality time ________ your family.
  • People are going _____________ the same things
  • There is always a bright side _____ everything we do.

3. Look at the comments on the video, and find four you think are interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olM-ORwrk88&feature=emb_title Write your own comment to the video, saying somthing about it, or explaining the situation where you are.

4. Bonus: Pick your favourite picture: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/04/covid-19-in-pictures-this-is-what-social-distancing-looks-like Explain to the class why its your favourite.

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