Lesson Plan: Coronavirus

Lesson Plan: Coronavirus

1. Fears and Plans

How are different people reacting in your city to the coronavirus? Think about: healthcare workers, teachers, street sellers, politicians, families…

Watch this video from the new york times. What things are people doing?

Watch it again. Put these worries in the order they are mentioned.

Need to to increase production, Giving up on a dream, Can’t work from home, Seeing people die, Parents won’t be able to retire, Letting staff go, The measures are too late.

Link the two parts of the sentence:

1. I’ve been asking a lot
2. I’m just worried
3. I’m scared of
4. I guarantee you
5. We’re preparing to see
6. Now we’re at home, wondering
7. It feels like it’s going to get
8. There will be so much unecessary suffering
a) very desperate.
b) tomorrow we’re going to have 100 more.
c) how we could have prevented this
d) if we’re not really looking out for each other
e) having to see more death
f) it came a little bit too late.
g) can we make it through another month.
h) more people come through.

Which sentences are about fears? Which are about the future?

Write four sentence expressing your fears and expectations about the current situation. Ask each other about them.

2. How the coronavirus is changing cultures.

How do you think the coronavirus has affected the way people in your country think about the government? About society in general?

How do you think the coronavirus affected Chinese people’s feelings towards the Chinese government?

Listen to the podcast from 0.00- 7.45. How did people feel at the beginning of the outbreak? What about by the end?

Are the following true or false:

  • Chinese people expect the government to be indifferent.
  • The hospital director was very happy with the government in his first press conference.
  • Many critics of the government have disappeared
  • People are now proud of the Chinese government’s.
  • The Chinese government sees the virus as a way to enhance their bank balance.
  • The goverment may be setting up a surveillance systemto use later.

What are people’s attitude towards their government in your country? Do you think this will change over the coronavirus period?

How do you think the German people feel about their government? What aspects of history might affect this attitude?

Listen to 7.45- 13.01

  • What did the reporter see when he went running in Berlin?
  • What has France done compared to Germany?
  • What did the federal government do at the start of the crisis? Why?
  • What has the history of Germany been?
  • What was Merkel’s subsequent order?
  • How did people react to that order?

What role do you think religion might play in Greece? Why might it be relevant in the current crisis?

Listen 13.01- 19.47 and find out the answers to these questions.

What is important about the following things: spoon, aunt Zacharoula, war of independance, radio show, communion wine.

How has this crisis affected the way your family lives their lives?

Listen to 19.47 – 22.17. How has the reporter’s family adjusted? Is he happy with this?

What does the following graph show? What is the reason for the trend?

Predicting the market: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-30/jpmorgan-says-the-market-rout-is-probably-past-its-worst-now?srnd=premium

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