Mes: marzo 2020

Studying at home

Watch this video. Do you agree with the lady? What do you think is important when schools and universities go online? Do you see any bright spots? What are some of the biggest challenges? How hard will it be? How different will teaching this way be? Match these titles with the paragraphs. ______________________________ Moving classes…
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Lesson Plan: The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19

How has your organisation responded to the COVID 19 crisis? Read the introduction. What are the worries at the moment? THE rapid global spread of COVID-19 has quickly eclipsed other recent epidemics in both size and scope. In addition to the deadly human toll and the disruption to millions of people’s lives, the economic damage…
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Lesson Plan: Coronavirus

1. Fears and Plans How are different people reacting in your city to the coronavirus? Think about: healthcare workers, teachers, street sellers, politicians, families… Watch this video from the new york times. What things are people doing? Watch it again. Put these worries in the order they are mentioned. Need to to increase production, Giving…
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Lesson Plan: University Study

Discussion: What did you study at university? Do you think the students in your course had a certain profile? 2. What personality traits do you think are associated with people who study the following university majors: business, humanities, law, engineering. Read the following article to find out: 3. Read the article again and answer…
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Lesson Plan: Dogs

Lesson Plan: Do you look like your dog? Lead in Do you think pets have personalities? Do you think pets can look like their owners? Have similar personalities to their owners? What do you think the following article will be about? Article Dogs look like their owners – it’s a scientific fact Go to any…
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