Mes: diciembre 2019

Lesson Plan: Decade in Review

Do this quiz: Watch this video. What things do you remember? What do you think needs to be included? Look at the headlines for this article. What could they refer to? Read the article. Are they relevant for your country too? What do you think were the gadgets of the decade? What this…
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Lesson Plan: 2019

Take this quiz. How many did you get right? How has the year been for you? Highlights? Lowlights? What about the country? the world? Watch this video. Were any of your events mentioned? Do you recognise any of them? Who were the heroes of your life in this year? In the country? Look at…
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Lesson plan: The fall of the condor

You can access the transcript for the audio here. Pre-Listening What do you know about Condor Rojas? The two football games between Chile and Brazil? Latin American football culture in the 80s? Listen to minutes 1:10- 6:29. Why was the game so important for Chile? Were they hopeful about winning? Why/Why not? Language Complete the…
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