Lesson Plan: Capitalism on trial in Chile

Lesson Plan: Capitalism on trial in Chile

  1. What do you think people from the US know of Chile? What do you think they will mention in the podcast?

Listen to the podcast, minutes 0-6:31. What are the events they mention?

Link the two parts of the sentences:

struggling turned deadly
too muchto bear
civilwhat some have estimated to be billions of dollars in damage
proteststo make ends meet
they didthey were being squeezed further
Instead of getting help,disobedience

Could the president have avoided the crisis, do you think, if he had done something different?

Listen to minutes 06:31-11.56. What happened in the 70s in Chile?

Complete the following sentences with the following words/expressions?

Even though, then, the most famous of them, they had been pursuing, given

  • ________________________ he was a democratically elected president, the U.S. backed a coup to oust him
  • ____________________ was a man called Victor Jara.
  • His hands were crushed and _______________ he was mocked.
  • How did the US respond to this, _______________ that it had had a hand in the coup?
  • __________________________ this for a while through an exchange program.

Listen to minutes: 12:32 – 17:00 What were the characteristics of the economy?

Unscramble the following questions:

  • exactly economic policies those were What ?
  • So economy is this kind market extreme of of a free an version?
  • effect these What have policies do?
  • Do the do what Chilean government do they would hoped they?
  • So out idea panned really this has not?

How do you think the economic system has benefited/hurt the people in Chile? How has is benefited and hurt your life? The people you know?

Listen to minutes 16:56- 20.46 What are the people demanding?

Match these words with the definitions below: slogan toddler, dictatorship, pipe dream

  • an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme.
  • a motto associated with a political party or movement or other group
  • government by an authoritarian leader.
  • a young child who is just beginning to walk.

What is the difference between the following words: policy, politician, politics. political

Listen to minutes 20:46- 22.40 How is what is happening in Chile relevant to the rest of the world?

Change the verbs in italics to the correct form.

  • These were ideas that embrace in the U.S.
  • Our government encourage and exported them all over the world.
  • Now, decades later, we start to see the results of that experiment.
  • Is there a point where capitalism go too far?
  • What happen in Chile is one answer to that question.

How can the system be changed to make it fairer, do you think?

Has the podcast missed anything from the story? What do you like/dislike about it?

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