Mes: noviembre 2019

Lesson Plan: Capitalism on trial in Chile

What do you think people from the US know of Chile? What do you think they will mention in the podcast? Listen to the podcast, minutes 0-6:31. What are the events they mention? Link the two parts of the sentences: struggling turned deadly too much to bear civil what some have estimated to be billions…
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Lesson Plan: Protests around the world

What protests are currently happening around the world? What do you know about them? Watch this video and find out more. Listen to this podcast to find out more details:

Lesson Plan: Reasons for Protesting

A. Video 1.Why are people protesting? What are the different reasons. 2. Watch the following video and answer the following questions: What is Manuela doing at the protests? Why are the people protesting? What does she think the government should do? 3. Watch the video again. Are the following true or false? Manuela is a…
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