Lesson Plan : Mother’s Day

Lesson Plan : Mother’s Day

How would you describe your mother? What sort of life has she led?

Watch this video. How does he describe his Mum?

  1. How many children did she have?
  2. What was her job?
  3. How did she meet her husband?
  4. What does Dan think about his Mum?
  5. What did Dan learn from his Mum?
  6. What does his Mum think about Dan?

2. Match the first and the second part of the sentences:

Mum, to me,how to make my bed.
He startedhe means to me.
He makesit had gone viral.
I’ve learntme laugh.
That’s whatwhen he was 3 or 4.
By the time I got back to my desk,is a saint.

3. What does your Mum mean to you? What difficulties has she had? What successes has she had? What have you learnt from her?

4. Read the following tweets. Which one talks about:

  • fighting in a war
  • travel
  • willingness to help
  • her concern
  • going to a new country
  • doing things for their children.

5. Find a word or expression in the tweets that means:

  • work very hard
  • to be concerned
  • to ride a bicycle
  • to be helpful
  • to give up a lot
  • to have a child

6. Write your own #Mymum tweet.

7. What difficulties can there be between generations? What do they sometimes not understand about each other?

Watch this video: What are the different miscommunications do they talk about? Do you have similar miscommunications?

What do you wish your Mum or Dad understood about you?

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