Lesson Plan: Clothes

Lesson Plan: Clothes

  1. How would you describe these outfits? Who would you match them with?

Watch 0.00-7.07. Would you like to change your mind? Watch 7:07-7:40. Were you right?

Match these expressions to the clothes:

  1. more masculine
  2. casual floral prints
  3. comfortable, doesn’t conform
  4. schoolgirl, fun, spunky
  5. mix of masculine and feminine
  6. classic modern
  7. androgenous, different silhouhettes

Which clothes are:

  1. fun, carefree, a romper
  2. like a mermaid, bold, beautiful
  3. studied negligence, complex, layers
  4. handmade, very obi-one-kenobi, monk vibes
  5. boring the cut fits the shoulders
  6. business casual, professional put together
  7. typical white girl, hig functioning, minimalistic
  8. two piece suit, budget conscious, citric

What’s your style? Do you have a favourite outfit? Do you think your outfit(s) match your personality? What’s something you would like to wear but can’t What do you wear/have to wear at work? Do you feel pressure to dress a certain way when going out/at work/normally?

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