Lesson: Chile Votes against Pinochet

Lesson: Chile Votes against Pinochet

What do you remember about the 1988 vote? Why was it so important? What did people expect to happen? What were the dangers?

Listen to the recording. Did you find out anything you didn’t know about? Anything you disagree with?

Part 2

What did the recording say about the following?

Allende’s government
The coup d’état
Worries of the campaigners for democracy 
Expectations of the military government
The approach of the «No» campaign
The night of the referendum.
What happened to Pinochet after the referendum

Part 3

Match the people with their descriptions

Advertising campaign, Augusto Pinochet, Eugenio García, Patricio Aylwin, Salvador Allende

A strong man, a Chilean advertising executive, an experienced adman, focusing on optimism and hope, anti-Pinochet politician, 72 year old dictator, Marxist president, young and strong-headed.

Part 4

Use these verbs to complete the sentences: set in, yearning, spelt, scheduled, lost, drove, go down, fared

It _________ the end of a tradition, 
The Military ___________ Allende’s socialist supporters out of all public bodies.
Eugenio’s father and elder brother _____________their jobs.
Other suspected sympathises ___________ worse
The military authorities were _____________ for some sort of legitimacy.
It was _____________ for October 5, 1988.
That did not ______________ well with many in the «No» Campaign.
As voting day approached, fear and apprehension____________.

Part 5

Match these advertising words with their definition: jingle, logo, clips, campaign.

  1. work in an organized and active way towards a particular goal, typically a political or social one.
  2. a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.
  3. a short sequence taken from a film or broadcast.
  4. a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, especially as used in advertising.

Part 6

Which of the following sentences are about the past? Which are about the future in the past?

When the referendum was announced, I was very sceptical.
Something was about to happen, but no what Eugenio had feared.
They were convinced that there was no way they could lose this vote.
They even agreed to give the opposition acess to the airways, 15 minutes each day.
I thought I knew better.
We were frightened that something could happen.
No one knew how the government would react.
Eugenio eventually won over the doubters.
Nothing he could do in the future would compare with that feeling of success.
Our biggest fear was whether the results would be recognised.
Eugenio got up early on voting day.

Part 7

What role do you think advertising has in politics? To what extent do you think politics
can change society?

Part 8

What big historical events do you remember in your life? What difference have they made in your life/ the life of your country?

Part 9

Find a historical episode you are interested in here, listen to it and report back to the class.

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